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Project Intro

My college senior thesis project, Economics Made Easy is a website built to help break down macroeconomic concepts so that more people can understand them. It covers many topics that a frequently in the news and helps describe the foundations of these ideas.

Economics Made Easy was designed using Adobe XD for the layout and Illustrator for the assets. It was then built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Educational Website

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Making Macro ECONOMICS Easy

The topics covered by this project were the US Federal Reserve, the Banking System, the Stock Market, and the National Debt. These topics were picked because they are frequently brought up in the news but usually not quietly described or introduced to the general public. These pages would hopefully give people a baseline understanding of these systems so that they can better understand what is going on in the country.

Government Budget
Government Budget Page
Banks Page
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve Page
Stock Market
Stock Market Page