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Project Intro

VoiceComm is a phone accessory wholesaler based out of New Jersey. They deal with selling and shipping phone accessories such as cases, screen protectors, audio, and a number of other various accessories to phone dealers, phone repair shops, and dong dropshipping for large companies like Best Buy and Macy's.

As part of the marketing department of VoiceComm, I created marketing emails for our general email lists and specific account marketing objectives. I also created landing pages for new products that VoiceComm offers and for new marketing and sales initiatives. I worked with stakeholders to plan out goals and objectives for creative requests, set up data analytics tracking, and report back on key KPIs such as clicks, impressions, and products sold.

Brand Name Marketing Campaign

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The Selling Power of
Brand Names

This was a creative request by a sales representative to help convenience a major customer to switch from selling no-name brand cases to selling name-brand cases and products through VoiceComm. 1 month after the launch of the campaign the customer put in an order of 14 SKUs for a total of $204,000.

Marketing Email
Landing Page
Marketing Landing Page

New Product Offering

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Screen Protectors for All Phones on Demand

ISOD was a new product that experience success in the EU that was being brought over to America for the first time by VoiceComm. This product was primarily marketed to phone repair stores as they typically see a larger varsity of cell phones and this product would allow them to sell a screen project for any phone while also lowering the SKUs in store. This marketing initiative leads to over 50 stores bringing ISOD into their doors.

ISOD Email
Landing Page
ISOD Landing Page

New Device Launches

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Prepairing for Device Launches

Device launches for both the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone are VoiceComm’s largest sales day. It is important for VoiceComm to facilitate the easy purchasing of SKUs for both of these launches. Every year a new landing page is created which acts as a directory for customers to quickly find the SKUs for the new products they are looking for. These pages each have over 20,000 impressions, and 5,000 clicks, and lead to over $800,000 in sales.

iPhone Landing Page Galaxy Landing Page