VoiceComm Redesign

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Project Intro

VoiceComm's 2016 website needed a major update to reflect the company's growth and changes. The board of directors initiated a comprehensive overhaul to modernize the site and better showcase the company's evolution. During this process, we also separated the e-commerce and brochure sections for improved SEO. We migrated from a custom platform to HubSpot for a more robust CMS.

As the in-house digital designer, I led this redesign effort, overseeing design and development, organizing content workshops with leadership and colleagues, and shaping the new website's design.


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After finalizing the content strategy, I worked with the Creative Director and Senior Designer to create high-fidelity mockups in Figma. These mockups were used to generate prototypes and present the design and UX concepts to company leadership, leveraging Figma's advanced prototyping capabilities. Below this section are the steps taken to create this prototype.

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Project Planning

Beginning a Redesign Right

The website revamp began with careful project scoping and phase planning. Key roles were assigned, and an initial timeline was set. With company approval, I then researched competitor websites and current design trends.

Project Plan Site Map Research

Persona Creation

Defining Our Customers

After research, a crucial workshop brought together stakeholders to create customer personas. These personas shaped our current project's user experience and future digital efforts.

Dropship Customers Prepaid Customers Prospective Employees Repair Customers Small and Medium Business.jpg Strategic Customers Travel Retail Vendors VoiceComm House Accounts

Sitemap and Wireframes

Content Planning and Starting Design

Using the personas from the workshop, I collaborated with the Marketing Manager and Vice President of Core Business to outline page content, write copy, and implement SEO best practices with targeted keywords to boost website visibility.

Site Map Wireframes