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Project Intro

Ventev, a subsidiary of VoiceComm, is a cellphone charger and cable company. They specialize in making high-quality chargers and cables for your phones all backed by a lifetime warranty. They underwent a brand refresh in 2021 to expand their potential customer base. They created a design system called “Essential Blue Print.” This design system highlights Ventev's commitment to high-quality and engineered design for all its products.

As part of the VoiceComm creative team, I've helped design and build marketing emails, landing pages, website assets, and print material for trade shows and customers.

Product Illustrations

Creating Product Imagery

Part of the “Essential Blue Print” design system was creating illustrative assets of all of the products offered by Ventev. These assets are used on the website to represent the products' respective categories and also used in marketing assets as they are required.

Battery Pack Cable Keeper Car Charger Car Mount Charging Stand Stylus Wall Charger Wireless Charger
Illustrations in Use
Product Illustrations on Homepage Product Illustrations on Product Page

Email Marketing &
Landing Page

Getting the Word Out

When Ventev was acquired in 2020 by VoiceComm part of the marketing strategy was to introduce Ventev to the VoiceComm directory of customers. This marketing push was a series of emails and a landing page to give an overview of Ventev/s offering.

Ventev Charging Email Holiday Email
Landing Page
Ventev Landing Page

Sales Sheets

Helping Move Merch

As part of bringing Ventev to VoiceComm's customers, was designed sales sheets for in-store associates to use when selling Ventev's products. These sheets are used to help guide the associates as to which chargers they should recommend to consumers based on their phones. They also outline how fast consumers can expect their phones to charge with their new chargers.

Selector Guide Selector Guide